love revolution


Love Revolution, 2012, Thermoformed plexiglas, LED bulbs, 230 x 45 cm, Exhibition View, Spheres 2012, at GALLERIA CONTINUA / Le Moulin

love revolution” is an artistic gesture inspired by the creative wall writings found on Arab streets. This work pivots on reversing the letters of the word “love”, displayed in red, and showing them <inside> white letter-shaped LEDs forming the word “revolution”. In an allusion to the strategic role played by Facebook, the artist chose the emblematic typeface of the website’s logo, thus insisting on the dramatic growth in use of the word “revolution”, online and of ine, in the year 2011. “love revolution” proposes a framing of the social context of the Arab revolution and a linkage between art and the need for change. Indeed, the revolution started in digital society rst, then developed into reality. This compositional operation brings out a “play on words” that blends the hypothetical with the realistic and presents red and white as alternative lights illuminating the darkness.